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6 Removable Products Every Renter Should Know About

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When renting a space, you want to make it feel like your own. Here are 6 amazing products you can use to add unique design to an otherwise boring rented space. Even better, all products are removable and wont damage the surfaces when you move. If you're not renting...these are still great items to improve your home. 

  1. FLORcarpet squares.  

    These inventive carpet squares are perfect for rentals because you can create a custom area rug, or cover up damaged or ugly flooring. Each square is roughly 19" x 19" and installs using a secure FLOR dot adhesive to ensure they stay in place. Ready to move? Simply take them with you. 

  2. Washi Rainbow Adhesive Tape

    For crafters and creative DIY types, washi tape is inexpensive & bold and can be used to dress up anything from furniture to walls. While it looks like masking tape its typically made from fabric fibers. Check them out on Amazon

  3. Adhesive Free Window Film

    Of course - Adhesive Free Window Films are used to add privacy and style to any window ... but its removable and even reusable so you can take it with you to your next place. Available in a huge variety of patterns you can block an unsightly view or add 24-hour privacy to any window. Plain frost is available, but modern patterns such as White Leaf Privacy Film adds custom style to any piece of glass. 

  4. Command Timeless Metallic Coated Hooks

    Easily add storage to kitchen and bathroom spaces with a stylish removable command hook. No nails and removable - these hooks come in a variety of shapes and styles...installs in minutes! I hate putting nails into walls, and when you're renting you don't want to damage anything. Most command hooks are frankly, ugly...but these Metallic coated hooks look professional, and are easy to install and remove.  Buy them on Amazon

  5. Peel & Stick Smart Tiles

    These amazing 9 x 10 peel and stick tiles look like the real thing, but are removable by using a hair dryer to loosen them. There are some great reviews of this product over at Home Depot, and I remember seeing grout-able peel and stick back-splash at Lowe's.   

  6. Removable Wall Stickers 

    There are tons of these removable wall-stickers available. I've used them a few times, including once to decorate the house with little monsters for my son's 1st birthday. We stuck them on walls, mirrors and even the toilet seat! Everyone loved them, and once the party was over we peeled them off and used them as decor in him room (...except for the one used on the toilet!) 

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