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What Is Window Film?

Simply put, window film is a vinyl or polyester based sheet with a type of adhesive laminated on the back. This can either be a tacky adhesive, a dry (de-tackafied), or cling adhesive. Originally window film was only created as what everyone knows as "Window Tint Films" and mainly for car windows. Over the years manufactures have added metals for longer life and higher heat rejection, as well as printing patterns and more impressively embossing patterns onto the films. The window films we sell will block 99% of UV rays and either add privacy, reject heat, or add security. 

How is Window Film Installed? 

Because we are constantly asked about how to install window film, I have created a page dedicated to this question. Please check out our  Window Film Installation Instructions page for all the information you need. Still have questions? Just call us at 1-800-284-4083

Is Window Film EASY to Install? 

YES! Window film is surprisingly easy to install yourself. Our products are designed with do-it-yourself home owners in mind. In fact, the #1 review that I receive from customers goes something like this...

"I was a little hesitant to install the window film myself, but once I got started I was amazed at how easy this was! The window looks beautiful, lets a lot of light in but added privacy and...I think I'm going to buy more for my other windows!"  

Still worried? Have you ever: painted a room a new color, installed blinds or shades on a window, installed wallpaper trim, or even hung a picture on a wall? If you answered "yes" (or "I tried!") to any of these questions you have nothing to worry about. Our window films come with complete instructions, a free installation squeegee and if you have any questions you can contact us. We're here to help!

Is Window Film Removable?

Yes. All Window Films are removable. If you choose one of our Adhesive Free / Cling window film products you can simply pick at the corner and peel the entire piece of window off the window. With Adhesive Free window film you can even re-use the product if you keep it clean during transportation from one window to another. If you use one of our Adhesive Backed window films you can still remove the product the same way, however depending on how long the film has been on your glass you may have a residue remaining from the adhesive. This residue can be removed using Windex or an Adhesive Remover. If the film has been installed in a hot area for many years you may need to use a scraper blade to remove this stuck on residue. 

How Much Window Film do I Need?

This really depends on your window. We typically get phone calls asking this questions, along with "It's a Sliding Door, isn't it standard?" Sadly, no. You really need to get out a measuring tape and check the height and width of the window or door you want to install your film on. Consider that you'll want to add a little to each measurement to ensure the film will fit, for example if your window is 24" x 52" - we recommend ordering a roll that is 36" x 84" and not special ordering a 5 ft roll. That little extra, for a minimal amount of cost, will ensure a good fit. If you need help, you can simply contact us with your window measurements and we'll be happy to make sure you get the right amount of film for your installation. 

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