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How to Maintain and Clean Window Film

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Cleaning your Window Films

Unlike curtains, drapery or blinds your window film is virtually maintenance free. Generally you’ll want to clean your window film only occasionally, to prevent any build up of dust. If you have pets or kids, and if your window is low enough to the ground, you might find you need to clean your window film more often.

You might be asking yourself, How do I clean my window after window is installed? or How to clean Window Tint? We're here to help! If you still have questions about cleaning your window film, feel free to contact us!

How to Clean Decorative Film

Most decorative films are textured or patterned and require very little cleaning. These films are typically made of durable vinyl almost similar some shower curtains, so smudges and tiny hand prints typically don’t show up. However, you will want to occasionally use a mild soap (even dish soap) with a wet rag and wipe down the window film. This will remove any dust or little dog hairs that may have found their stuck to the film. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners such as scrubbing bubbles, bleach, or even Windex for regular cleaning. The concern isn’t that the film could be damaged, but that the adhesion to the glass could be affected. While most decorative films are durable enough to take a beating, we still don’t recommend any abrasive scrubbers and advise you to simply use a clean lint free cloth.

For a serious cleaning, I have used a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to remove a pen mark and lightly scrubbed away crayon from my two year old using dish soap sprayed on a soft cloth. Typically decorative films don’t tear, or scratch from normal wear and tear because of their durable construction.

How to Clean Solar Window Film and Tint

Sometimes called home tint, solar window films are more fragile than decorative films. These window films are typically polyester films that are optically clear as to not change the appearance of your window dramatically while still reducing heat and blocking UV rays. 

how to clean your window tint

However, because you can see through solar films this means you can see all the smudges from your dog’s wet nose or any hand prints and fingerprints. Just like when your windows were not tinted, you can clean your solar films using any standard household window cleaner. While it’s a bit of a “wives tale” in the window film industry, there have been reports that ammonia based glass cleaners can actually deteriorate the colors and adhesion of your window films. As a precaution we highly recommend not using any ammonia based window cleaners such as Windex.

Most solar films have a scratch coat on the interior of the glass that prevents normal wear and tear from causing damage. However, pets scratching a window or any aggressive scrubbing will most likely scratch the film. Make sure to use a soft cloth when cleaning your tinted windows because of this.

How to clean windows with Security Film Installed?

Security films are virtually clear, and totally colorless…it’s very difficult to tell a window with security film installed vs. a plain piece of glass with no film installed. They let through upwards of 90% of light and are designed to not change the appearance of your glass, with the added benefit of security. Cleaning security film is as easy as it cleaning a standard piece of glass – but this also means you’ll need to clean it as often as standard glass. Finger prints, dust and standard dirt from the outside will show through.

Because of concerns with ammonia based products possibly degrading the adhesive, it is recommended that you do not use an ammonia based cleaning product. Although security films have a high grade scratch coat to prevent scratches from wear and tear, you’ll want to wipe the window with a soft cloth and never use anything abrasive. It is very rare that security films would tear or rip – in fact they’re rated to have the highest tensile strength and tear resistance compared to any other window film.

How to clean Automotive Window Tint

Cleaning and maintenance of automotive window tint is no different than cleaning standard car windows. Automotive window film is made with dyed polyester with UV protective coatings and adhesives. The final layer is a scratch coat which faces the interior of the car and protects the film from damage and standard ware and tear. To clean your window tint, simply wash it like you would normal automotive glass by using standard window cleaners and a soft cloth. To protect the adhesive and maintain the colors of your film, it is recommended that you do not use any ammonia based cleaners.

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